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  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 3/9/2020

    Can I add a Brainsy powered social media network to the subdomain of my website if my website runs on Wordpress?

    Yes, you can add your private social media network (powered by Brainsy) to the subdomain of your website if it runs on Wordpress or any other Content Management System (CMS). In addition to having your network reside on a sub-domain of your company's site (e.g. or htt... more

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  • GVATE LLC answered 3/3/2020

    How would you explain the meaning of an SEO keyword to a non-digital marketing person and why are they important?

    SEO keywords are search terms that potential customers or clients use to find products or services online.

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  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 2/9/2020

    "Lying dog-faced pony soldier" was Joe Biden's name for a NH voter. What do you think of that?

    We at Brainsy usually don’t comment on items in the political sphere, but the attention around this sound bite deserves some commentary on the state of the media today. 

    Clearly it’s disrespectful to dehumanize someone - even in jest. But typically such comments would be disregarded except when... more

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  • CommonMind answered 1/27/2020

    Why should my company hire an SEO consultant or digital marketing firm?

    Here are three possible reasons to hire an SEO consultant or digital marketing firm to help your company with SEO:

    1) You are committed to a content marketing strategy and want to ensure you get the most leverage, in terms of organic search traffic, from the content you are going to produce. 

    2... more

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  • Fanbank answered 1/16/2020

    What is Fanbank?

    Thanks for your question -- we’re glad you asked! Fanbank helps small businesses create and grow commerce transactions with customers right in their own neighborhoods.

    Fanbank provides commerce tools to give small businesses access to the same technology as big chains and franchises. And it’s easy f... more

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  • Digital Visibility Concepts answered 12/19/2019

    How can you help my business with SEO and online marketing?

    DVC is a family-owned Digital Marketing firm, based in Burbank, CA. We handle every client with care. Meaning we don't just offer cookie-cutter solutions. We customize solutions to fit the needs and goals of our clients. That statement applies to you as well. To provide you with the best service pos... more

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  • Paul B. Huter
    Paul B. Huter answered 12/13/2019

    A key argument for making Mars habitable seems to be as a hedge for humanity in case we destroy mother earth. Is anyone in the space sciences looking seriously at how the human race could survive subterranean?

    A lot of the technology that can be used to colonize Mars or the Moon can also be used on Earth to live subterranean. We cannot expect to live on the surface of the Moon or Mars without having to worry about the radiation from the Sun. Therefore, a number of engineers are looking at ways to turn Lun... more

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  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 11/1/2019

    Can you send me the pricing for all?

    Hi Frankie: 

    Thanks for your inquiry. Brainsy offers custom-built social media and engagement platforms under your brand. 

    Our clients have a range of needs when hiring us to build out a Brainsy powered platform. Some may want to increase engagement by their existing community or membershi... more

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  • Emilio JF Rodriguez
    Emilio JF Rodriguez answered 8/7/2019

    How can start-ups identify good investor or funding prospects?

    Depending on your stage of investment, the most common practice is through founder/owner immediate circle (family and friends) and professional / industry networks (that understand your venture and feel comfortable with underwriting the risk).  Once your venture gains traction, and you need to ... more

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  • Fanbank answered 7/30/2019

    Who are Fanbank customers?

    Thanks for the question! Fanbank customers range across many business categories and are located nationwide. Members on the Fanbank saas platform include restaurants, hair salons, gyms, personal trainers, plumbers, auto mechanics, dry cleaners, and more - any business that is independently owned and... more

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