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Can I add a Brainsy powered social media network to the subdomain of my website if my website runs on Wordpress?

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Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran  replied:

Yes, you can add your private social media network (powered by Brainsy) to the subdomain of your website if it runs on Wordpress or any other Content Management System (CMS). In addition to having your network reside on a sub-domain of your company's site (e.g.  www.KEYWORD.mycompany.com or https://eco.brainsy.com for a live example), another option is to have your social network reside at a domain not directly associated with your company's main domain (e.g. www.KEYWORDorPHRASE.com). In either case, all the heavy lifting is done by Brainsy and the technology is hosted by Brainsy so that you don't have any incremental technical costs associated with the launch or operation of your network.