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What is Fanbank?

Fanbank replied:

Thanks for your question -- we’re glad you asked! Fanbank helps small businesses create and grow commerce transactions with customers right in their own neighborhoods.

Fanbank provides commerce tools to give small businesses access to the same technology as big chains and franchises. And it’s easy for small businesses to use Fanbank. 

We seamlessly add dozens of features to the existing point of sale (POS) systems or countertop terminals of small businesses, so that Fanbank members can build email lists, encourage repeat visits, offer time-based exclusive promotions, attract and engage potential local customers at all steps of the sales funnel, and finally complete more sales.     

With our automated ad technology and campaign center, Fanbank makes it easy to turn online, digitally-minded neighborhood customers into consumers of in-person goods and services at local businesses. Fanbank reviews the needs of members in different business categories and helps create unique, customized campaigns based on those business needs. 

And when it comes to small businesses, our core company mission is to support small businesses so we don’t just “talk the talk.” We're helping to advance the “shop local” movement as evidenced by the Fanbank business as a whole and also our newly launched site

If you’d like to learn more about Fanbank’s business, please feel free to submit a question to us here -- or follow the Fanbank Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. 

Fanbank replied:

We normally wouldn't direct someone "offsite" but there are a couple good responses to this question over on Quora. The point is also made that Fanbank continues to innovate so that the answer, while comprehensive, does not anticipate many of the new features that Fanbank continues to release in the ongoing quest to support main street businesses.