• Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered Jan 5

    What do you think of the reports that Twitter has lost 72% in value since Elon Musk took over?

    I believe the reports. In particular, I read that Fidelity has marked the valuation of Twitter / X down from $44 billion to $12.5 billion.  


    I find it ironic that peo... more

  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 4/6/2023

    Where are tech hubs emerging across Africa?

    Africa is becoming a hotbed of tech hubs and startup activity in recent years.  Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are at the forefront of the African tech revolution. In Morocco, Casablanca is particularly well-known for its startup ecosystem thanks to local initiatives that have ... more

  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 2/19/2023

    Are VCs overrated?

    To determine if VCs are overrated, we must first clarify the criteria by which we’re rating VCs. 

    I do think venture capitalists (VCs) get too much press attention for the function of their job which is essentially funneling capital from Limited Partner pools to companies they select (they are... more

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  • Ray Garcia
    Ray Garcia answered 2/17/2023

    There's a lot of hype around generative AI. In what ways could it be most impactful within five years?

    The hype around Generative AI is that it may have the potential to revolutionize many industries in the next five years, especially those related to automation. For example, some speculate that generative AI algorithms can be used to develop self-driving cars, automate customer service and help simu... more

  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered 2/8/2023

    What are Clarke's three laws and how might the third apply to generative AI?

    Arthur C. Clarke's three laws are as follows:

    1) When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

    2) The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture... more

  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 2/8/2023

    How can I publish a short autobiographical story entitled "A World without GPS" (to share online)

    Hi Juli - thanks for your question. You are not alone in wanting to profit from your online contributions. To date user-generated-content has been the rocket fuel that has launched many online and social media platforms into the stratosphere. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an equitable sharing of ... more

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  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 2/5/2023

    Which companies offer private social media platforms for associations and what are some of the pros and cons of each?

    There many companies that offer private social media platforms for associations, including:

    1. Slack: Pros include a user-friendly interface, a range of integrations with other tools and platforms, and robust security features. Cons include a limited range of features for membership management ... more

  • Paul B. Huter
    Paul B. Huter answered 2/5/2023

    How do you think the "space race" is shaping up? Will a person ever step foot on Mars?

    As humans, we have always been explorers. From Mesopotamia, we have spread to every corner of our planet as we have sought new experiences. Over the last 10,000 years, the history of humanity has been driven by a desire to see what is beyond the horizon. In that same time, we have looked to the heav... more

  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered 2/4/2023

    Can you finish this sentence: "How much wood could ... "

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? This proverbial question has long been asked in many forms, and it is not specific to any one culture or region of the world. Rather, the query is universal in its appeal and speaks to larger philosophical issues such as the cap... more

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  • Vincent Bowen
    Vincent Bowen answered 2/1/2023

    How can former investment bankers apply their skills toward addressing income and wealth inequality?

    Former investment bankers can use their skills to create and promote initiatives that provide education, information, and resources to those in under-invested communities.

    Investment bankers have the capability to implement effective strategies for investments, such as providing free instruction abo... more

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