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Can you send me the pricing for all?

Sponsored by: Brainsy, Inc.

Please help provide a detailed pricing table. 

Thank you.

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Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran  replied:

Hi Frankie: 

Thanks for your inquiry. Brainsy offers custom-built social media and engagement platforms under your brand. 

Our clients have a range of needs when hiring us to build out a Brainsy powered platform. Some may want to increase engagement by their existing community or membership, promote their profile online (enhanced SEO), or monetize their efforts or expertise. As such, our platform has a diverse set of modules to meet these needs. 

When preparing a pricing proposal, we consider whether or not there’s a monetization opportunity that would include upside for Brainsy. If it doesn’t, then we can price on a straightforward licensing basis. Typically, our license fee is on par (or less) than the monthly retainer fee you might pay an SEO agency to win keywords on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Hope this sheds some light. Please contact us directly so that we can prepare a pricing proposal with your needs in mind.

Sponsored by: Brainsy, Inc.