Christian Duffus

Co-Founder of LEAF College Savings / FinTech Entrepreneur

FinTech Entrepreneur: Innovating the next generation of finance and technology.

Tags: FinTech, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Financial Services, Education Technology, Student ...

Sandra Long

Personal Branding with LinkedIn - Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Post Road Consulting LLC

Create the best first impression. Warm up your prospect before you meet. Quality Matters.

Tags: LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Sales, Business Development...

Michael C. Bertoni

Founder & CTO - PhillyTech

PhillyTech, LLC.

Expert in Tech, Digital & Social Selling. Let's Talk!

Tags: Social Selling, Startup, entrepreneur, business development, sales, tech...

Hieu Tran

Operations & Marketing Associate

Brainsy, Inc.

Specialize in sales/marketing automation tool, graphic design, and web development.

Tags: HubSpot, Sales, Operations, Startup, MERN stack

Art Lucia

CTO, Brainsy; Co-Founder, InfernoRed Technology Inc.

Proven technologist & consulting CTO, delivering high value software solutions using Agile methodologies. Co-Founder at IRT, adjunct at VT.

Tags: software, .net, angularjs, javascript, c#, mvc,, mobile, services...

Steven Burda

The Most Connected Person on Linkedin

Burda Consulting Co.

Expert on social media marketing, LinkedIn Growth Strategies, Expert Calling Network (ECN) User Tips, and personal branding.

Tags: Steven Burda, Linkedin, Social Media, Social Media Marketing...

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Digital Visibility Concepts

2600 West Olive Ave, Suite 500 Burbank, CA 91505

Leading Digital Marketing Agency
Award-Winning SEO, PPC, And Digital Marketing Solutions
BestSMBSolutions, BestPPCAgencies and BestSMOAgencies all recognize that DVC is the Number One Digital Marketing Agency for your Digital Visibility Needs!
As a ... more>


610 Elm St, Suite 700 McKinney, TX 75069

TechGenies is a global software development co-employment company that provides technology resources to a wide range of verticals and industries. The company is headquartered in Texas with software factory operations ... more>

We are a boutique advisory platform that helps business owners / founders to leverage corporate finance principles to achieve their business objectives. We provide advisory board, board of directors, and ... more>


1608 Walnut Street, 12th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103

At 1776, we know that startups can change the world and we're building the global community to provide the intellectual, social, and financial capital to help them make that a ... more>

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Paul B. Huter answered: 12/9/2019 6:53:46 PM

A key argument for making Mars habitable seems to be as a hedge for humanity in case we destroy mother earth. Is anyone in the space sciences looking seriously at how the human race could survive subterranean?

A lot of the technology that can be used to colonize Mars or the Moon can also be used on Earth to live subterranean. We cannot expect to live on the surface of the Moon or Mars without having to worry about the radiation from the Sun. Therefore, a number of engineers are looking...

Hieu Tran answered: 11/1/2019 8:21:15 PM

Can you send me the pricing for all?

Hi Frankie: 

Thanks for your inquiry. Brainsy offers custom-built social media and engagement platforms under your brand. 

Our clients have a range of needs when hiring us to build out a Brainsy powered platform. Some may want to increase engagement by their existing co...

Emilio JF Rodriguez answered: 8/7/2019 9:23:17 AM

How can start-ups identify good investor or funding prospects?

Depending on your stage of investment, the most common practice is through founder/owner immediate circle (family and friends) and professional / industry networks (that understand your venture and feel comfortable with underwriting the risk).  Once your venture gains tracti...

Fanbank answered: 7/30/2019 2:58:32 PM