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We are a strategic digital marketing agency.  Every service we offer is always tied to marketing goals that drive business forward.


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We are web strategists. Working globally, our Portland, Oregon based firm designs, develops, markets, revamps, reviews, grows, consults with, owns and invents online properties. We have been involved in the ... more>

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Robert Portillo

Online Marketing that’s not Complicated

Make the phone ring, attract more website visitors, and get new customers with a simple online marketing campaign from Nimbus.

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Built upon years of industry knowledge, and lessons learned from their prior agency, co-founders Henry Ebarb and Steven Kreschollek set their minds upon creating a new agency; one built ready ... more>

Ray Garcia

Managing Director

Buoyant Capital

Tech Entrepreneur View (2) Answers

Art Lucia

CTO, Brainsy; Co-Founder, InfernoRed Technology Inc.

Proven technologist & consulting CTO, delivering high value software solutions using Agile methodologies. Co-Founder at IRT, adjunct at VT. View (0) Answers

Chris Lawson

Founder/Digital Strategist - Growth Hacking, Social, Search, Email & Digital Ads

Live Pulse

Digital Strategist helping companies grow their digital footprint through SEO, Social, PPC, Email, and Growth Hacking View (2) Answers

Brad Holden



Principal @ TomorrowVentures, an early stage VC fund with over 80 investments including Prosper, Legendary Entertainment & Maker Studios. View (16) Answers

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Eightfold Technology answered: June 1

What sets Eightfold apart in terms of graphic and web design?

At Eightfold, our design team excels with strong vision, technology integration, and heavy client involvement. We work hand-in-hand with your team to create designs that command attention and inspire action.

Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran answered: April 4

What makes for a good answer on my (Brainsy powered) social media network?

I’ve been with Brainsy almost from inception and we see all kinds of responses on the various private label social media networks powered by Brainsy. There are a few guidelines on how to write a good response.  

First, be on topic. A good answer will address the “knowle...

Jeff De Cagna
Jeff De Cagna answered: March 23

How can association leaders have foresight into issues that are totally unexpected - like COVID-19 for example?

Thank you for the question. Three things to consider:

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is not a wholly unexpected or "black swan" event. In the work of foresight, what is happening now is considered a "wildcard," i.e., something we knew could happen, but we didn't know when. Indeed, ther...