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At 1776, we know that startups can change the world and we're building the global community to provide the intellectual, social, and financial capital to help them make that a ... more>

We are a boutique advisory platform that helps business owners / founders to leverage corporate finance principles to achieve their business objectives. We provide advisory board, board of directors, and ... more>

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We are a talented team of marketers, SEO experts, creatives and paid media specialists.

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At Boyle Public Affairs, we create, shape and penetrate compelling conversations to help you build thriving relationships with customers, members, the media, investors, policymakers and the public. 


If ... more>

Bob Deily

CFO, Network for Good Donor Advised Fund

High tech entrepreneur and non-profit finance executive View (0) Answers

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Chris Lawson

Founder/Digital Strategist - Growth Hacking, Social, Search, Email & Digital Ads

Live Pulse

Digital Strategist helping companies grow their digital footprint through SEO, Social, PPC, Email, and Growth Hacking View (2) Answers

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Jeff De Cagna

Executive Advisor

Foresight First LLC

Jeff De Cagna is executive advisor for Foresight First LLC, and respected contrarian thinker on the future of associating and associations. View (13) Answers

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Hieu Tran

Operations & Marketing Associate

Brainsy, Inc.

Specialize in sales/marketing automation tool, graphic design, and web development. View (3) Answers

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Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran answered: March 9

Can I add a Brainsy powered social media network to the subdomain of my website if my website runs on Wordpress?

Yes, you can add your private social media network (powered by Brainsy) to the subdomain of your website if it runs on Wordpress or any other Content Management System (CMS). In addition to having your network reside on a sub-domain of your company's site (e.g.  www.KEYWORD....

Jeff De Cagna
Jeff De Cagna answered: March 23

How can association leaders have foresight into issues that are totally unexpected - like COVID-19 for example?

Thank you for the question. Three things to consider:

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is not a wholly unexpected or "black swan" event. In the work of foresight, what is happening now is considered a "wildcard," i.e., something we knew could happen, but we didn't know when. Indeed, ther...

Fanbank answered: March 16

What kind of impact will coronavirus / COVID-19 have on small businesses?

Thanks for the question. These are uncertain times. COVID-19 will have an uneven impact small businesses. As social distancing is a key strategy to minimize the spread of coronavirus and since CDC recommends against gatherings of 50 or more people, bars and restaurants and the sectors associated with hospitality and travel and tourism are on the front line and will be the most immediately impacted. COVID-19 has basically shut down the meetings and convention business across all industries and related supply chains are being affected too. Although some types of small businesses will feel the impact first, eventually, there is going to be a ripple effect that will be felt by everyone in our globally connected economy. We address some of the steps that small businesses can take in light of this pandemic over in the Fanbank Community. See: 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Combat COVID-19   

GVATE LLC answered: March 3

How would you explain the meaning of an SEO keyword to a non-digital marketing person and why are they important?

SEO keywords are search terms that potential customers or clients use to find products or services online.