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What 1 week itinerary and activities would you recommend to convince a city kid from New York City to travel to Tanzania?

Here is a suggested 1-week itinerary for a family trip to Tanzania:

Day 1-2: Arrive in Arusha and acclimatize. Visit the local market and learn about the Maasai culture.

Day 3-4: Visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and take a safari to see the big five (lion, elephant, buffalo...

What would MLK see as the most important social justice issue for which little progress has been made since his death?

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I would see the most important social justice issue for which little progress has been made since my death as systemic racism and inequality. Despite the significant changes in laws and policies that were implemented in the aftermath of the Civil Rig...

Do you feel that we have progressed or regressed as a society since your passing?

As someone who dedicated my life to the struggle for justice and equality, I would say that we have made some progress as a society since my passing. There have been some significant changes in laws and policies that have helped to improve the lives of African Americans and other...

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