Brainsy, Inc. answered: August 24

what is the market cap of Brainsy, Inc?

Brainsy Inc. is a private company, therefore there is no “market cap” - it’s not an applicable concept. For publicly listed companies, the market cap is a calculation of (price of shares x number of outstanding shares). The team at Brainsy believes in the alignment of contributor...

Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie published: June 8

Will Twitter’s ability to manipulate the price of bitcoin affect Square’s stock price and land Jack in a box?

The hype and near-religious fervor of bitcoin advocates continues to amaze me.

I imagine people are viewing bitcoin with wide eyes in the same way that people may have first viewed combustion engine c ...more

Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie answered: June 7

Is it true that Brainsy convinced Elon Musk to stop allowing Tesla to accept bitcoin for car purchases?

It looks like Elon Musk is taking a lot of heat from a jilted class of bitcoin fanatics angry he made the right decision to abandon #dirtybitcoin. The planet will benefit even though these HODL clowns will likely see their fortunes fall. Crypto is great and there are earth-friend...

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At Boyle Public Affairs, we create, shape and penetrate compelling conversations to help you build thriving relationships with customers, members, the media, investors, policymakers and the public. 


If ... more>

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