How Social Media and Influencers Are Changing Ecommerce

Product discovery on social media continues to grow with more than 80% of consumers discovering a product they were interested on social media, up from 58% in 2017.

'Ad models break everyone's brains': How Patreon and Substack are trying to make the internet a better place with membership and subscriptions

Patreon and Substack provide an alternative to social media's ad model with subscriptions. It's a healthy, sustainable option for creators and users.

Digital media disruptions #24 - LinkedIn changes its content algo, thought leadership gets demystified, and email wins

Why do buyers value thought leadership content - and marketers fail to create it? Will LinkedIn's algorithm tweak favor your efforts? And can AI help with engaging B2B readers, without alienating them? Here's my rundown.

Senate Holds Hearing on Digital Currencies, Blockchain

Crypto proponents argue current banking system is inefficient and exclusionary. [Our view: the banking system is highly protected from competition and there are high barriers to entry - of course it's inefficient and exclusionary.]

Verizon sells off early social media darling Tumblr

Verizon acquired Tumblr through its purchase of Yahoo, which bought the social media platform for $1.1 billion in 2013. [Yahoo continues to get winnowed down in the hands of Verizon]

FBI Orders Up Social Media Monitoring Tool

The FBI is in search of a social network collection, review and analysis system to support its efforts to thwart domestic terrorism.

The Art Of Interdisciplinary Digital Marketing Thought Leadership

A digital-first approach is useful in the sense that becoming a digital marketing multi-tool can add value, or mentor through, nearly anything.

46% of social media users worn out by political posts, discussions

Well before the 2020 election, many U.S. social media users are already exhausted by how many political posts they see on these platforms. [We wonder, only 46% are worn out? If the study could capture all the people that have exited from social media BECAUSE of politics, we expect the % would be much higher.]

Facebook hires Zook to lobby on Libra #libracoin

The Big Money Spending to Lobby for Libra Begins: Facebook adds Susan Zook to its team of lobbyists. Zook is a former aide to Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, which held a hearing on #libracoin last month.

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce launches social media platform on the Stellar blockchain

[This is a Big Deal -- and significant for the Blockchain Industry] Brainsy client, the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (BCC), launched the Blockchain ECOsystem (ECO), a private social media and rewards platform on the Stellar Blockchain.

Brainsy launches a new platform to bring reward incentives to curated online communities - DC

A Brainsy powered community deploying the new Engagement Dividend Reward Toolset, called Brainsy E.T. will reward users for their engagement, activities and tasks completed.


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