Life is a Party, AI is Life

Hieu Tran Hieu Tran
Posted at Mar 30

Picture this: you're at a party, and everyone's having a good time. The drinks are flowing, the music is pumping, and the air is charged with excitement. And then, in walks a group of old-timers, the kind of people who think that Elvis is still alive and that feel nostalgic about the days of rotary phones. But in the ultimate stroke of irony, they may call themselves the "Future of Life." 


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Google vs. AI (and the rest of the world)

Brian P. Christie Brian P. Christie
Posted at Feb 1

In the wake of the recent ChatGPT excitement, headlines are now predicting that Google's search engine business will collapse from pressures by generative AI within two years. Those predictions are premature. I do believe people will increasingly rely on AI in the search for knowledge -- but when searching for products and services, Google and their paid ad business will remain the go-to tool for ...more

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Eight takeaways from Facebook's Meta announcement

Brian P. Christie Brian P. Christie
Posted at 10/29/2021

It's impossible to ignore all the news and commentary surrounding Facebook's rebranding as "Meta" given their outsized role and influence on global business, culture, and politics. 

Many people are making comments along the lines of: "The term 'metaverse' was first used to describe a virtual world owned by corporations in Stephenson’s 1992 dystopian sci-fi novel Snow Crash." 

I watched M...more

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Brainsy offers consumers full data privacy on social platforms with newly released data incognito mode

Brainsy, Inc.
Posted at 12/8/2020

Latest Brainsy feature grants consumers full control and granular transparency over any algorithms affecting their personal account 

Washington, DC - (December 8, 2020) – In a win for consumer choice and privacy, Brainsy Inc. announced a newly released “Data Incognito” mode to give consumers the option to be free from algorithms, targeting, and analytics when participating in a white-labeled ...more

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Facebook Destroys Democracy

Brian P. Christie Brian P. Christie
Posted at 9/4/2020

Facebook is destroying democracy. I wish I could state this were hyperbole. But it’s happening right in front of us on so many levels. Let’s just focus on one aspect of the Facebook business model and their policy that permits advertisers - more specifically political candidates - to advertise lies.  

Facebook announced yesterday that they would limit some political ads in the fi...more

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The New York Times (and Google) Profit from Racist Conspiracy Theory about Kamala Harris

Brian P. Christie Brian P. Christie
Posted at 8/19/2020

We’re on the home stretch of the 2020 election cycle and things are heating up. Newsweek recently published a Birtherism inspired opinion piece entitled “Some Questions for Kamala Harris About Eligibility | Opinion” which questions her eligibility to be on the ticket for the highest office because her parents were immigrants with an uncertain naturalization status at the time of ...more

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FREE advice for @LinkedIn regarding fake profiles #fakelinkedin

Brian P. Christie Brian P. Christie
Posted at 3/17/2019

Recently, I got yet another connection request from a fake LinkedIn profile / user. Fake profiles seem pervasive on LinkedIn and it gives bad actors a chance to wreak havoc, steal data, hack, and be a general menace to society.

Someday, LinkedIn may be more similar to Brainsy powered networks which are identity-verified networks to reduce these risks. But until that day, let's offer Lin...more

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