Picture this: you're at a party, and everyone's having a good time. The drinks are flowing, the music is pumping, and the air is charged with excitement. And then, in walks a group of old-timers, the kind of people who think that Elvis is still alive and that feel nostalgic about the days of rotary phones. But in the ultimate stroke of irony, they may call themselves the "Future of Life." 

These folks take one look around the room and start shaking their heads. "This is all wrong," they say. "This is not how things are supposed to be. Back in our day, we didn't have any of this fancy stuff. We had to make do with what we had, and we were happy with it."

Now, imagine that these old-timers are the council of elders, and the party is the world of technology. They see all these newfangled gadgets and gizmos and think that they're a threat to the natural order of things, a threat to their embedded businesses, to their expensive social media investments. They think that AI is the devil's work, and that we should go back to the good old days when we didn't have to worry about any of this stuff.

But here's the thing: technology is like a party. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's always changing. And just like you can't stop a party once it's started, you can't stop the march of technology once it's begun. The world is moving forward, whether the council of elders likes it or not.

Sure, AI can be scary. It can be unpredictable. But so can a party. You never know what's going to happen next, but that's what makes it so exciting. And just like you can learn to control a party, you can learn to control AI. You can learn to use it to make your life better, to solve problems, and to create new opportunities.

So let's not listen to the council of elders. Let's not be the party-poopers who try to ruin the fun for everyone else. Let's embrace the world of technology, and all the amazing things that it has to offer. Because when it comes down to it, life is a party. And the last thing you want to do is miss out on all the fun.


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