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  • Paul B. Huter
    Paul B. Huter answered 3/30/2019

    Any predictions on who might win the private space race when it comes to Blue origin vs Spacex?

    Well, SpaceX definitely has the advantage of a serious head start. However, it really depends on what you mean by "private space race." If you are talking about commercial space tourism, one could make the argument that Blue Origin has focused pretty much exclusively on that target, whil... more

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  • Paul B. Huter
    Paul B. Huter answered 1/27/2019

    There's a lot of hype about colonizing and terraforming Mars. Wouldn't it be cheaper and more feasible to do the same thing on our Moon?

    Great question! I actually did some work at NASA-JPL to see how Martian (Mars) missions could leverage off of Lunar (moon) missions because there are some synergies between the two. However, the differences between the moon and Mars are such that they are not exactly the same when it comes to colo... more

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  • Paul B. Huter
    Paul B. Huter answered 2/11/2018

    Could the mining of mineral resources from asteroids ever become a reality?

    ... and if so, how could one get those resources safely back to earth?

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  • Brainsy, Inc. answered 12/11/2017

    Can Brainsy powered networks complement association trade shows or conferences?

    Great question - thank you. Yes, a Brainsy powered network is an ideal supplement or complement to annual trade shows or conferences of associations or professional societies. Here are just a few of the ways they can support the success of your show: 

    1) For Show Organization: Pre-show and p... more

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  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 11/9/2017

    Business directory listing

    I noticed that the new ECN for the Tiny House association has a business directory, something like a yellow-pages, is that going to be available for other ECNs in the future?

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