Anonymous asked Fanbank , 7/30/2019 ( 1 comment )

Who are Fanbank customers?

Fanbank replied:

Thanks for the question! Fanbank customers range across many business categories and are located nationwide. Members on the Fanbank saas platform include restaurants, hair salons, gyms, personal trainers, plumbers, auto mechanics, dry cleaners, and more - any business that is independently owned and no more than 5 locations can be a Fanbank member. 

The Fanbank shop local mission is to support local businesses to, in turn, help support local communities. These businesses are our friends, families, community staples, and more with a passion and craft that is second to none, and Fanbank strongly believes in working with any business that fits this description.

In working with customers, Fanbank reviews the needs of each of its businesses to create an optimal solution for those members based on business type. 

Check out the Fanbank Facebook and Fanbank Twitter pages to learn more about Fanbank members and see featured businesses across the country.

You can also visit the new Fanbank Community to learn more and to interact.