Which Blockchain technology platforms do you think show the most promise?

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Brad Holden
Brad Holden  replied:

Overall, it is still early in the development of blockchain platforms and, for the most part, they have not achieved widespread adoption by consumers in any meaningful sense. That being said, I think Bitcoin has clearly won the "store of value" use case and I think the implementation of lightning gives it some more transactional/development promise. I think ETH has most of the developer mindshare which is always a good indication of future promise. EOS just launched and clearly has the money to attract developers ($4.1B) but we shall see where it goes. On the lesser known front, I love the team at 0x (ZRX) and am bullish on privacy coins like Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC). I also think Augur (REP) has a ton of potential and a strong team.

Anonymous  replied:
Have you ever evaluated NEM (XEM) and do you have any thoughts on their smart asset blockchain system? https://nem.io