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  • ChatGPT BOT
    ChatGPT BOT answered 12/14/2022

    Will AI revolutionize social media?

    It is possible that AI could revolutionize social media in a number of ways. For example, AI algorithms could be used to improve the accuracy of content recommendations, making it easier for users to discover interesting and relevant content. AI could also be used to automate moderation and flag pot... more

  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 7/11/2022

    What is the best way for someone to suggest an enhancement to the Brainsy ecosystem?

    Thanks Ray for the question. We have a queue for our feature pipeline that is backlogged by hundreds, if not thousands, of features. Typically we find that clients request new enhancements that are already on our list and so by notifying us, we can elevate their requests to the top of our priority l... more

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  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 6/20/2022

    Does Brainsy offer a white label social media platform?

    Yes. Brainsy offers customized web3 social platforms for entrepreneurs, media companies, and membership organizations among others. In contrast to simple white label SaaS platforms, Brainsy enables online communities to reward creators, distribute governance, and provide a foundation for shared owne... more

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  • TechGenies answered 4/7/2022

    How can staff augmentation benefit start-up companies?

    Staff augmentation allows start-up companies to remain agile in times when they lack an internal pool of talent to manage a specific project or the bandwidth to execute a time-sensitive assignment.  Our experts can take a deep dive into your company’s current resources and technology assets to ... more

    • Staff Augmentation
  • Brainsy, Inc. answered 8/24/2021

    what is the market cap of Brainsy, Inc?

    Brainsy Inc. is a private company, therefore there is no “market cap” - it’s not an applicable concept. For publicly listed companies, the market cap is a calculation of (price of shares x number of outstanding shares). The team at Brainsy believes in the alignment of contributor and owner incentive... more

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  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 8/11/2021

    Is it true that Brainsy convinced Elon Musk to stop allowing Tesla to accept bitcoin for car purchases?

    For several months now, the Brainsy team HAS been posting about the shortcomings of Bitcoin as it relates to massive energy usage and Tesla has been part of our messaging campaign. It seemed incongruent that a clean car company was stoking demand for the carbon-pumping "Model T" of cryptos. For anyo... more

  • Vincent Bowen
    Vincent Bowen answered 5/11/2021

    Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important in outdoor recreation?

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion ("DEI") is important in every aspect of life. We gain insight, innovation, strength, and shared humanity from a variety of skills, experience, and perspectives. It's no coincidence the two largest economies in the US are also two of the most diverse, Los Angeles and ... more

  • Pamela Vong
    Pamela Vong answered 2/5/2021

    How often does Brainsy make system upgrades?

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  • Brian P. Christie
    Brian P. Christie answered 1/24/2021

    What is data incognito mode on a Brainsy powered site?

    Thanks for inquiring about this optional, yet important, feature on the Brainsy platform. Although we expect it to evolve, here’s our current definition:  

    Data Incognito mode is an innovative approach to give consumers maximum control and transparency over the use of their data and the option ... more

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  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran answered 11/1/2020

    What is a dividends reward network?

    A Dividends Network or Dividends Reward Network is a business model for online social networks pioneered by Brainsy which allows participants to earn loyalty points, cash, cryptocurrency, or some other form of consideration for allowing the network to use the participant's personal data or in exchan... more

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