Is it true that Brainsy convinced Elon Musk to stop allowing Tesla to accept bitcoin for car purchases?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

For several months now, the Brainsy team HAS been posting about the shortcomings of Bitcoin as it relates to massive energy usage and Tesla has been part of our messaging campaign. It seemed incongruent that a clean car company was stoking demand for the carbon-pumping "Model T" of cryptos. For anyone doubting the negative impact of #dirtybitcoin on the planet, look here for the estimated power consumption (in real time) required for the bitcoin network.   

That being said, we know that correlation does not equal causation. We're pretty certain that Elon Musk's conscience convinced him to stop allowing Tesla to accept bitcoin for car purchases. As he now puts it, bitcoin's energy usage “is insane” (his words). 

Manny Amadeo
Manny Amadeo  replied:

You should point out the timing -- that the Brainsy tweets were going out well before Musk made his great decision to get on the right side of history and to stop accepting #dirtybitcoin. 

Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

It looks like Elon Musk is taking a lot of heat from a jilted class of bitcoin fanatics angry he made the right decision to abandon #dirtybitcoin. The planet will benefit even though these HODL clowns will likely see their fortunes fall. Crypto is great and there are earth-friendly crypto-alternatives to bitcoin. 

Selin Hayat
Selin Hayat  replied:

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Kevin Evans
Kevin Evans  replied:

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