Where are tech hubs emerging across Africa?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

Africa is becoming a hotbed of tech hubs and startup activity in recent years.  Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are at the forefront of the African tech revolution. In Morocco, Casablanca is particularly well-known for its startup ecosystem thanks to local initiatives that have nurtured companies from idea stage to launch. Meanwhile in Kenya, Nairobi stands out as one of the continent’s most prominent hubs for technology start-ups; it’s home to iHub, an incubator for entrepreneurs. Nigeria's Lagos also has a vibrant tech scene thanks to initiatives such as Co-Creation Hub that provide support and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs. Cairo is growing and attracting lots of venture capital in Egypt. Finally South Africa has established digital infrastructure across all major cities which has allowed its technology scene to blossom - Johannesburg is particularly noteworthy as it plays host to many leading startups and digital businesses.