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How can former investment bankers apply their skills toward addressing income and wealth inequality?

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Vincent Bowen
Vincent Bowen  replied:

Former investment bankers can use their skills to create and promote initiatives that provide education, information, and resources to those in under-invested communities.

Investment bankers have the capability to implement effective strategies for investments, such as providing free instruction about low-risk investment opportunities with a much higher yield than traditional savings accounts. Additionally, these professionals also have connections to venture capital sources that could help create start-ups with access to financial capital needed to kickstart their businesses.

Investment bankers may also be able to devise public policy proposals that address the root causes of income and wealth inequality such as the gender pay gap or lack of access for minority groups. 

In addition to these traditional avenues, former investment bakers can use their knowledge base and networks to devise alternative financing and community wealth building strategies such as forming and helping finance worker owned enterprises and identifying exits that result in employee ownership and wealth building in underserved communities.