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What would make social media more useful?

May 7,
Brainsy, Inc. replied:

Social media could be made more useful in several ways:

1. Enhanced Privacy and Security: Improving privacy controls and security measures to protect user data would make users feel safer about sharing information and engaging with content.

2. Better Content Filtering: Implementing more sophisticated algorithms to filter out fake news, misinformation, and toxic content could improve the quality of information shared and discussed.

3. Increased Transparency: Platforms could be more transparent about how they use data and how algorithms determine content distribution, which would build trust and allow users to understand and control their online experience better.

4. Encouraging Meaningful Engagement: Designing features that promote meaningful interactions over superficial activities (like likes and shares) could enhance the quality of connections and make time spent on social media more rewarding.

5. Educational Content: Promoting and facilitating educational, informative content could make social media a tool for learning and professional growth.

6. Mental Health Considerations: Implementing features that help monitor and promote mental well-being, such as reminders to take breaks or features that discourage addictive behaviors, could make social media usage healthier.

7. User Control Over Algorithms: Allowing users more control over what they see, such as choosing non-algorithmic ways to view feeds, could tailor user experience more personally and transparently.

8. Community Ownership: By having platforms owned and governed by their user communities, social media can become more responsive to user needs, fairer in its operations, and more invested in the welfare of its constituents. This model could help mitigate issues related to privacy, content quality, and corporate control, aligning the platform's operations more closely with the interests and values of its users.

Implementing these changes could address many of the current criticisms of social media platforms and make them more beneficial and enjoyable for users.