Anonymous asked Brainsy, Inc. , 12/11/2017 ( 1 comment )

Can Brainsy powered networks complement association trade shows or conferences?

Brainsy, Inc. replied:

Great question - thank you. Yes, a Brainsy powered network is an ideal supplement or complement to annual trade shows or conferences of associations or professional societies. Here are just a few of the ways they can support the success of your show: 

1) For Show Organization: Pre-show and post-show, an association can use their Brainsy powered network to coordinate among panelists + show organizers within broad or narrowly defined private discussion forums online. These discussions can remain privately archived so that future show organizers can look on them for reference.    

2) During the Show, moderators or audience members that are registered on your Brainsy network can use the platform's sharing tools to capture and amplify discussions, events, or major announcements on the platform itself or through other social media services.    

3) Post-show, panelists, speakers, and keynotes can build a profile on your organization's Brainsy powered network and make themselves available for year-round discussion. This can help alleviate some congestion when people "rush the stage" after a panel has completed a talk. Show speakers can post their Brainsy powered profile address (under your organization's branding) so that people can reach out to them after the show. If they get paid for private, one-on-one phone calls via the Brainsy network, then you'll earn some non-dues revenue in the process.