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Why do association decision-makers need to focus their attention on artificial intelligence right now? Isn't it too early?

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Jeff De Cagna
Jeff De Cagna  replied:
In a world experiencing profound, relentless and accelerating transformation, association boards (with the support of their staff partners and other governing contributors) must fulfill the duty of foresight, i.e, an obligation to learn with the future as much as possible on behalf of their organizations, their fields and, of course, the stakeholders they serve. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the leading edge of that future, an emerging technology platform that is already raising serious questions about the future of work, including automation, the relationship between humans and highly intelligent machines and the augmentation of human performance. No profession or industry will be left untouched by AI's far-reaching impact.

Is it too early for association decision-makers to focus their attention on AI? At the risk of being impolite, let answer this question with a different question. Based on the totality of our experience with tech-driven societal transformation over the last 20+ years, how do we know it's not already too late? There is only one way to find out: embrace the duty of foresight and pursue the work of learning about AI without further delay.

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