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What prompted you to specialize in non-profit trade associations and professional societies?

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Shelly Alcorn, CAE
Shelly Alcorn, CAE  replied:
Short answer: I fell into it and couldn't find my way back out. :)

Long answer: I fell in love with the history of associations and the good work most of them do on behalf of individuals and society. I love the fact that we are the embodiment of the First Amendment of our US Constitution. I love how associations establish community - power to the people. I love how we give our people a voice in government affairs. I love to see how the different industries and professions fit together and relate to each other in our larger societal sphere. I want to see every kid get a shot at a great education and I love how associations provide career tracks and certification program for people who may not have access to (or maybe can't find industry specific education in) college. We are the original edupunks....time for us to roar!