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What is a dividends reward network?

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Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran  replied:

A Dividends Network or Dividends Reward Network is a business model for online social networks pioneered by Brainsy which allows participants to earn loyalty points, cash, cryptocurrency, or some other form of consideration for allowing the network to use the participant's personal data or in exchange for discreet tasks performed by the user. Each private label social media network may be branded separately and the specific reward amounts and form of the rewards may also vary by network. For example, a contributor on a Blockchain Ecosystem could earn Stellar (XLM) for posting an article of interest to other readers. In another example, a user on a crowdfunding network could earn $1.50 (USD) for recruiting another registered user. The form of reward and tasks or activities which may be rewarded are constrained only by the creativity and imagination of the network owner. Dividends reward networks may also be known by other common names such as a reward social network or an incentive social network. Thanks for the inquiry!