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What do you think the American educational system has to learn from what is practiced in Danish schools?

I am asking across the entire school system from k-12 through an advanced degree, what are your experiences there that can help inform what the US should be thinking about in education reform.

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Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips  replied:

Hi Ray.  I can't claim extensive experience with Danish schools, but from what I know I can think of two things.  First, the Danish school year is longer (and summer vacation is correspondingly shorter).  School ends in late June and resumes in early August.  Obviously that wouldn't be very popular with students here, but I think that there is research indicating that a longer school year has benefits in that, when the summer break is not so long, students are less likely to lose momentum and forget what they've learned.  Second, my unscientific personal impression is that the Danish system does a better job of providing vocational training and of respecting those who choose that path.  There appears to me to be more acceptance in Denmark of the idea that not everybody has to go to college.  And with that acceptance comes more respect for people who do not have a university education, but are nevertheless skilled, such as artisans and craftsmen.  Thanks for your question!  Doug