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How do I get featured in the directory?

How do I get featured in the directory?

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Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran  replied:

The directory on the Brainsy rewards ecosystem is for our partners, collaborators, and selected vendors / suppliers. We've created this interactive directory to showcase features available for other organizations (e.g. associations, media companies, societies, bar associations, publishers, visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, etc.) that may want to provide a directory under their own brand. It's also an opportunity to refer our clients to other vendors as well. You can write to (support at brainsy dot com) if you think your company should be included. However, note that most of the companies we've listed have some prior relationship with Brainsy so it's not available to just any company. Thanks for the question.  

Marieuse Shamir
Marieuse Shamir  replied:

Thank you. I think when I asked the question I was still getting my sea legs understanding Brainsy. I'm starting to wrap my head around the idea. 

PureLocal Marketing
PureLocal Marketing  replied:

Can Brainsy help our business directory?