"You Complete Me"

It may be a corny line from some of Hollywood's favorite movies -- but in today's world of social media marketing, one often needs to mix and match different platforms in order to have a complete professional presence online.

LinkedIn is considered the largest social media platform for professionals in the world (nearly 400 million members) and offers an array of powerful tools for professionals to connect and promote their personal brand or profile. However, LinkedIn isn't the only social media platform around - so many professionals utilize other platforms for other purposes.

Twitter, for example, is a great tool to amass a large audience and to follow trending topics in real time. There is no shortage of information available on Twitter and the ways in which one can make use of that platform.

A lesser known but powerful way to extend the power of a LinkedIn profile is to use a Brainsy ECN Badge which makes a LinkedIn account more transactional. One can affix an ECN Badge to a LinkedIn profile and then get paid for taking calls over the phone. The relationship between these two services is symbiotic and beneficial for the professional worker, expert, advisor, mentor, or professional freelancer. The image below shows an ECN Profile for one professional displaying his ECN Badge. A click on his ECN Badge may generate leads and help him earn money from the investment he's made in his LinkedIn profile. 


Although ECN Personal Media Accounts are by invitation only and not available to anyone, everyone* can open an ECN Lite account and affix the ECN Badge to a LinkedIn profile or embed an ECN widget on their social media profiles elsewhere. (http://bit.ly/GetECNBadge) By doing this, the professional worker will see benefits:

1) Get paid for ECN phone calls ("show me the money") - but never worry about managing the billing or settlement of any transaction    

2) Get more out of your LinkedIn investment - by converting some LinkedIn Profile visitors into ECN callers.

3) Showcase experience or expertise in a particular domain - and make yourself more accessible to others in the field.    

As you work to boost your presence online, be sure to utilize various social media platform that will complement and complete each other.  

(*Note: US residents only)


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Brainsy Admin Brainsy Admin 9/30/2015

To get your own ECN Lite account and ECN Badge, one should visit:  http://bit.ly/GetECNBadge