Recently, Facebook announced that one billion people used the site on the same day. That means that at least one-seventh of the world's population is on Facebook. And that is just one of numerous social media sites out there that millions - or billions - of people use on a daily basis to keep up with friends, find news, or just find entertainment. Social media monetization allows a person or company to make money off of these millions and billions of users.

But monetization via advertisement has reached its limits. Company sponsored Facebook ads or tweets on Twitter often don’t fit in with our friends' news or the tweets we follow and seem out of place when we see them in our feeds. Yet companies continue to buy them expecting that with repetition, you may eventually purchase their products or services.

Enter Expert Calling Networks by Brainsy. An Expert Calling Network (ECN) allows you to monetize your social media by placing an ECN Badge on your social media properties (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, blog-site) and alerting people to your status as someone who can be called upon as an expert to solve problems.

Social media monetization does not need to be only for big companies that have huge advertising budgets to create flashy ads on Facebook or tweets on Twitter. Everyone now has access to social media monetization and by signing up for an ECN Lite Account, you can get started with the process.

What do you have to lose by giving it a try? You might be surprised how social media monetization works out for you.


[Posted by Maggie Wilson] 

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