There are many reasons why Experts should list on an Expert Calling Network (ECN). This image sums it up:  

ECN Expert Benefits


(For those of you with a gadget that leaves you image-challenged, these benefits include: Business Development, New Revenue Stream, Social Media Marketing, Thought Leadership, New Clients, Innovative, Branding, Value, ROI)


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Ray Garcia Ray Garcia 1/22/2015

I would add the most simple and powerful reason, talking to a real person on the phone and having a dialog to share information and solve problems.  Conversation cannot be duplicated in text in the way that it is with voice on the phone.  The human voice has many nuances that emphasize aspects of what is being discussed that help the listener abosorb and retain the information and in responding making it their own.  The art of dialog is slowly being lost to the detriment of the businesses that are not engaged in practicing this art of sales that still remains very powerful but it requires skill.