Ben Franklin Pitches Brainsy ECN

“Remember that Time is Money…” 

Benjamin Franklin wrote these words back in 1748 in an essay titled “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One.” He went on to further write that a man who could earn ten Shillings a day would waste five Shillings by sitting idle for a half-day.

The old adage stands the test of time and is ingrained in the American time-conscious and money-conscious society in which we live today. We care deeply about how we use our time and tend to be courteous about how we might impose on the use of time by others.

People make appointments for almost everything. They apologize when they are late. In some fields, you’ll get charged a fee if you don’t keep your appointment. And in general, people are guided by an attitude of courtesy; “Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.”

In our work lives, we have on average 2,087 working hours to exchange for money and to dedicate to our employers, clients, or professional pursuits. At the same time, our work force is becoming less centralized as more people move toward a self-determined, entrepreneurial, and freelancing model of providing labor.

As this shift takes place, new tools are making it easier than ever to transact and monetize smaller increments of time. For example, you can use an ECN Badge to get paid - directly into your bank account - for as little as 15, 30 or 60 minutes spent on an ECN phone call.

How does it work? You simply create an ECN Lite account online to advertise your call rates (for example, $100 per hour), and then you can share your ECN Profile with others. Alternatively, you can embed an ECN Badge into a social media profile you own (such as LinkedIn). It would look like this:

When others view your ECN Profile or find you on your preferred social media network, they can request a call from you. You’ll get paid for your time spent on an ECN call if you decide to accept and complete the call request.

If old Ben Franklin were around today, there’s no doubt he’d approve. And no doubt people would pay plenty of Shillings to have a modern day ECN call with the “Old One.” But of course, he’d first need an explanation on how to use a telephone.

Note: Brian Christie is the CEO of Brainsy, Inc. and can be reached for phone discussions via his ECN Profile. If you'd like to get an ECN Badge, you can find instructions for registering here. 

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John Miao John Miao 9/15/2015

There was a segment on NPR this morning about new companies that leverage social media to help level the playing field for sole proprietors. They termed it "cool tech". Cool tech is all about transparency and streamlining transactions.

An ECN Badge is also a great and innovative way to raise funds!

Steven Burda (MBA) Steven Burda (MBA) 9/21/2015

Very true!