Brainsy powered Expert Calling Networks (ECNs) are rapidly becoming known as a way for experts, advisors, mentors, or authors to get paid for offering their expertise over the phone via an ECN call. And to make themselves more accessible, people can affix an ECN InCall badge to their social media profiles (eg. website, Linkedin, etc) to initiate an ECN call transaction.

However, a lesser-known use for the InCall badge is to screen sales calls. That’s right, the InCall badge can double as your own personal gatekeeper!

Every day we’re bombarded with advertising and by messages from unsolicited sales reps working to convince us they have something of value. Whether we’re making them or receiving them, sales pitches are a part of life. And if you’re on the receiving end of an unsolicited sales pitch, you’re giving up your valuable time. Time you could spend on entertainment, working, on a run in the park, or with your family.

But rather than have a knee-jerk response to all sales approaches and shut down the opportunity to learn something, why not monetize that time by requiring every unsolicited sales rep to pay you to listen to their pitch? That is, require reps to go through your InCall account where you can accept or refuse any Call Request by any sales rep? And when you do accept a call, you’ll automatically get paid your posted rate (minus Brainsy fees) at the conclusion of that call.

It’s not an unprecedented approach -- you’ve probably been offered a reward or gift in exchange for sitting through a sales pitch for a time-share on a tropical island you can’t pronounce. With the InCall service at your disposal, there’s no reason you can’t take control of all sales approaches and make them worth your while.

While some sales reps could balk at the idea of paying to make a sales pitch, the smart ones will embrace it because InCall gives them direct access in a way never before possible. They understand the words of Patricia Fripp in that “You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”

Using an ECN InCall badge as a personal gatekeeper to screen unsolicited sales calls is a true win-win -- benefitting you and the person on the selling side of the call as well.


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Kase Luzar Kase Luzar 12/9/2015

Very clever, and well stated by Patricia Fripp. Saving that to my quote list and will share w. my team!