Social Media Monetization - Turn Your Expertise into Profits

Unless you are a recognized industry expert or a company with significant brand awareness, you probably joined social media to connect with people with similar interests. As you have navigated between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites, you may have noticed that what you say and share resonates with people. All of a sudden, you have thousands of followers, likes, retweets and even direct messages seeking your input. Your blog or website traffic explodes and you have to hire resources to help you manage it. 

People solicit your advice and look to you as a leader. As your social presence builds, you begin thinking about how you can turn your online presence into revenue, rather than a cost center. You have explored placing ads on your site, but want the revenue to have a more direct connection to your subject matter. Social media monetization can help you do it. 

What is Social Media Monetization? 

Social media monetization is simple. It is a strategy to turn your thought leadership into income. Unlike companies that sell tangible products and services, your product is a knowledge product -- your thoughts about a subject.

Imagine if you could turn questions from your social audience into cash flow. You can!

By registering for an Experts Calling Network (ECN®) Lite Account, you can turn your expertise into a viable business or create an additional revenue stream for your existing business. When you wrap an ECN account around your social media presence (using an ECN Badge), you can monetize your social media outreach. An ECN consists of mentors, subject matter experts and advisors who paid to give opinions and share knowledge, via the phone.

You are already doing social media, so why not monetize it? 

- Maggie Wilson


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