As technology tools continue to rapidly evolve, the opportunity for Associations and Professional Societies to better serve their members in ways never before comprehended are emerging. Expert Calling Networks, or ECNs, provide an innovative new platform for Associations to drive greater member engagement through both member > member but more importantly member > non-member transactional capabilities.

Under an Association-branded ECN, Associations help their members cut through the growing "noise" of low value subject matter content proliferating on the Internet and in social media channels. An ECN creates a focused, member driven content marketing tool coupled with a directory listing and direct transactional calling platform under which association members can earn revenue, find new clients, and be seen as thought leaders in the field.

Futhermore, by making an ECN avaialble to it's members, an Association can earn an important new source of non-dues royalty income. So the value proposition for an ECN is win-win-win --  for the Association, for it's members, AND for the non-members that pay to gain access to members experts.

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