Two weeks ago, #Meta lost over $200 BILLION in market capitalization after reporting the impact of Apple’s opt-out anti-tracking privacy protection on #Facebook mobile iOS users (yes, people do care about their data and privacy when given the choice). 

So what can Meta do next?  

1) Pivot even faster to an ambiguous vision of the "metaverse" and hope that shareholders will stay with them for the ride ...   


2) Get more aggressive with their already intrusive #algorithms to claw back lost revenue.   

Given the weak vision of the company ("connecting people") and their inability to invent anything that's a net-positive benefit to society, I would bet on the latter. It's hard for a king to voluntarily descend from a throne. Their algorithms are their key competitive advantage -- and foundational to their success in a digital 3D version of FB as well. 

So get ready for more boundary-busting, unconstrained, and obnoxious behavior coming from the FB platform. In fact, last December I received an email notification that was totally over-the-top, even for Facebook, and I expect more to come. I have immortalized their email notification as an NFT on the blockchain and for the world to see.  

"Confession: I Framed Mark Zuckerberg" Now @OpenSea 

Only 5000 ETH or ~ USD $15,080,850.00 to exclusively own the receipt for this NFT (aka meta data on the blockchain). All sale proceeds after tax will go to charity. Alternatively, you can access the image URL inside this NFT's meta data for free at:  

One final question to contemplate -- this NFT is art you can spend money on ("buy") but not "digital art" that you can "own" (yeah, I know, hard to get your head around that one) -- but is it a #SECURITY?  



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Manny Amadeo Manny Amadeo 2/18/2022

Seems like Zuckerberg is in over his head.

Everyone gives the company a pass as long as they're ascending. But now that they are publicly failing, the long knives are coming out.      

Imagine we'll see more even more headlines like this "Zuckerberg’s new ‘Metamates’ nickname mocked by Facebook employees