In today's world, the presence and impact of social media cannot be ignored. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others allow members to access potential customers at an astounding rate. Just recently, Facebook announced that it had logged one billion customers on its site in one day! So how can an entrepreneur tap into the power of social media? First, by realizing that having a social media presence is not enough. For a business or independent consultant to realize its full potential, monetizing that social media presence is necessary for success.

Social media monetization can be defined simply as finding ways to generate real revenue through the use of social media presence. Unfortunately, most well-known social media sites don’t provide a direct path for monetization. That means members must be creative in finding ways to monetize their participation in those platforms.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you are probably aware that the site is considered the largest social media platform for professionals in the world -- boasting 380 million users at latest count. An ECN (Expert Calling Network) Badge is an excellent way to complement a LinkedIn profile or other social media platforms by enabling an expert to get paid for offering expertise over the telephone.

There are three forms of the ECN service available today: An ECN Lite Account (for everyone), an ECN Personal Media Account (for selected experts), and an Enterprise ECN (for organizations) which allows organizations to extend their web or other digital presence with “Ask the Expert” type functionality. Under any ECN service, experts can affix an ECN badge or widget to their other social media sites, generating revenue through paid phone calls and increased traffic and visibility.

While ECN Personal Media accounts are by invitation only, anyone can open an ECN Lite Account and then affix the badge or widget to their preferred social media site, allowing the user to showcase expertise in a certain field and earn revenue by accepting call requests generated by the ECN badge.

Fast, easy, and affordable, participation in an Expert Calling Network is an excellent way to create a revenue stream from your online presence.

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