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Will Silicon Valley invest outside of the Bay area?

i am based in the Tampa area but used to work for a high flying startup that was backed by some venture folks in Menlo Park (where the company was headquartered).  the founders used to say that they loved being in Silicon Valley because there were so many vcs there and that most vcs would only invest in companies that were less than 50 miles away because they wanted to check in...Do you guys have that same philosophy?  Is there any hope for people like me that live in places like Tampa to find interest from Silicon Valley?

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Brad Holden
Brad Holden  replied:

Unfortunately, many VCs will not invest outside of their backyard but I believe that is changing. 75% of our investments are outside the Bay Area and we fundamentally believe that, with today's technology, you can start a great company anywhere. There is easier access to talent and funding in the Bay Area but that doesn't mean you can't build a great company outside of here. So, yes, there is definitely hope for you. If you build a great company, investors will come to you