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Who selects the experts for my Association’s ECN?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

Your association selects the experts for your branded ECN and you can set a selection criteria that supports your association’s strategic objecties. Many associations consider one of several criteria (or a combination thereof) when deciding on eligiblity for their ECN.

1) Open to all Membership: Some associations are focused on increasing membership so they make membership the sole criteria to become an ECN expert. In fact, we’ve been told of members joining the association for the sole member benefit of inclusion into the association’s ECN. This approach allows for the greatest number of expert participants and can help increase online search and discovery.

2) Based on Certification: Associations that have a certification or accreditation program in place may opt to authorize only those members with certain association granted credentials.

3) Open to Supplier/Vendors: Associations may authorize suppliers or vendors to become experts in their ECN. Often these suppliers or vendors will see their participation as an effective mechanism for lead generation.

4) Curated Experts: Some associations my decide to curate their experts from known industry thought leaders, board members, or using some other criteria non-membership derived criteria.

Depending on the business model you use to engage Brainsy, you can authorize ECN expert invitations directly from your administrative control panel or have Brainsy staff issue the invitations. Regardless of what your organization decides, we recommend you openly disclose the criteria you use to select someone to participate in the ECN in the role of expert.