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When asking an expert a question at what point do you think a call is more appropriate?

If a question is informational this can be done in many places and might just need a spot answer so what is the boundary line where posting a question really should be making a call instead?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

Thanks for the question, Ray. In most cases, asking questions (via Expert Q&A on the ECN platform) is particularly well suited when asking industry specific questions in which you’d expect their expertise would apply (e.g. "What were the key causes of the housing bubble crash of 2008?") - or perhaps when inquiring about non-personal / general biographical details (e.g. “I read that you collaborated with with Bill Gates on one of his Foundation's projects, how was that experience?").

However, as soon as you'd like an expert to apply his/her knowledge or judgement to your specific case or address your specific issues, then a call is more appropriate. Whenever sharing personal or case-specific details, it is always more appropriate to have a private one-on-one call with the expert than to post on the Expert Q&A (which is a public forum). 

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