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What rate should I charge for an ECN call?

I've been invited to be an expert in the Open ECN expert calling network but I'm struggling to set my rate. What is a good practice for setting rates? 

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

Thanks. This is a common question that we hear. 

Some experts price below their “market" rate as an “introductory” with the goal of generating leads for bigger business opportunities. Others price at what they believe the “market” will bear. Regardless of your motivation, we encourage experts to price so that a bit of discounting occurs for calls of longer duration. Outlined below are tracks that follow a discounting strateg. These are based on our three standard time intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes:

Track 1:   $15-$25-$40
Track 2:   $20-$30-$50
Track 3:   $25-$40-$65
Track 4:   $30-$55-$90
Track 5:   $40-$75-$120
Track 6:   $50-90-$150
Track 7:   $75-$120-$200
Track 8:   $100-$165-$275
Track 9:   $150-$240-$390
Track 10: $350-$600-$1,000

Other people may decide to price linearly. e.g. $50-$100-$200.  

Regardless of how to decide to price, we recommend you be prepared to adjust rates on occassion if you find the volume of call requests doesn't match your expectations (e.g. increase rate to reduce # of requests or reduce rate to increase # of call requests.)

In my case, I usually set my price to encourage shorter duration calls so people are willing to take a chance and test the ECN.