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What issue motivated you to develop LEAF? Did you accomplish what you wanted or is there more to be done?

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Christian Duffus
Christian Duffus  replied:

I started LEAF as I had gotten to a point in my career where could apply both my vocations in finance and technology with my avocation in getting more kids on the path to college; the most transformative process in our society today.  A child is up to 7-x more likely not just to attend college if they have any amount of savings but also to complete w/ less debt and superior professional prospects. This is regardless of socio-economic status. I thought national politics and policy might be that path. I then had an epiphany for LEAF one day after trying to give my niece a few hundred dollars towards her college savings and realized how much friction there was in the process. We still have more to accomplish as removing this friction is still a big problem. Thanks for asking.