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What is the one advantage social media marketing has over any other type of marketing and how can we take advantage of it?

I understand that millions of people use social media, but how do I attract to my page, how do I target the right crowd?

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Steven Burda
Steven Burda  replied:

You have to know your target audience.

Not every message or involvement needs a specific platform.   There's a target audience for people who use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.   Find out what YOUR customers/clients/potential associates or business partners use (the most) and target your social media marketing via those channels.  To attract to your page - do not spam - but have a mailing list, psot relevant content, inform and educate yoiur taget audience. Never try to sell, but do raise awareness of what you do and why you or your product is premier! -- and the customer will come to you.