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What is the difference between decentralized, federated and centralized digital currencies and what are the top examples of all three? Thanks!

Additionally, what is the value proposition of darkcoin and who uses it?

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Christian Duffus
Christian Duffus  replied:

Addressing your questions specifically:

  1. Decentralized digital currency = Bitcoin:  http://bit.ly/1PovAAT
  2. Federated digital currency = Ripple: http://bit.ly/1O4TzRx
  3. Centralized digital currency eCurrency Mint = http://bit.ly/1o2vKo9

My assessment is that while all have their applications (other than currency), I see the centralized model winning out -- similar anonymity benefits as Bitcoin -- as currencies are the domain of sovereign nations that will fight at all costs to prevent any disruption to that. Thanks for asking.