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What are the top 3 things associations should do to provide an exceptional member experience?

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Shelly Alcorn, CAE
Shelly Alcorn, CAE  replied:
Top three things associations can do to provide an exceptional member experience:

1). Do NOT treat your member like a customer. Yes, you should provide excellent customer service but you need to think of your member as a partner. An engaged co-creator in this experience. Instead of just shoveling things at them to buy, ask them what they want to achieve. It isn't a matter of "what can I do for you" as much as "what can I help YOU do?"

2). Big vision. Your board and volunteers should establish a big, life-changing, world-changing vision and then swing for the fences. Every. Single. Time.

3). All the member loyalty you will ever need is if your members can say, "My association helped me find a job, keep a job and get a better job." Full stop.