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TV is known for investing in early-stage companies. I’m curious whether you have heard about or have read Adam Grant’s new book, “Originals,” and to get your thoughts on his theory that the best entrepreneurs are more likely to be risk-adverse as opposed to risk-takers—i.e. that having a back-up plan gave them the freedom to do something original. What is TV’s most important benchmark for deciding whether to invest in early-stage companies?

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Brad Holden
Brad Holden  replied:

I actually have that queued up in my kindle but haven’t read it yet. My wife and I are expecting twins soon, so I am reading a lot of parenting/twin books. I think fundamentally what we look for in an entrepreneur is someone who has a burning desire to see what they are building exist in the world. Mission driven (I define mission broadly here) founders are going to the most sucessful because they will be able to more effectively recruit and sell people on their vision and that desire/drive will allow them to perservere through the ups and downs of building a company. We want someone who has a unique insight and can help me answer the question why are you the best person or team to help execute on that vision/insight i.e. what about your background/domain expertise led you to that insight? What do you see that no one else sees and why is now the right time to build this company?