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Is it risky for your company to be working with the National Cannabis Industry Association?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

Thanks for the inquiry and your question is clearly directed to the fact that Brainsy's ECN platform powers the Cannabis Expert Calling Network (ECN) of the National Cannabis Industry Association or the "Cannabis ECN." By "risky" I'm guessing you mean legal or reputational risk and on both counts I'd say "no, it's not." The National Cannabis Industry Association is a formally organized trade association that is national in scope and mandated with advancing the interests of the "legitimate and responsible cannabis industry." Although cannabis remains a controlled substance at the federal level, a growing number of states are allowing for the use of medical and/or adult-use cannabis. Since these regulations vary by state and even at the municipal level, it creates a challenging environment for legitimate businesses seeking to operate. Thus, we feel an ECN is highly relevant for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to benefit from the knowledge of others that are successfully operating (in compliance with laws) in this industry.