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If you could peer 20 years into the future, will there be a new position in associations that we see don't see much today? If so, what would be the title for that person?

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Jeff De Cagna
Jeff De Cagna  replied:

This is a really interesting question! Since I don’t do predictions, let me reframe the question to offer an idea for a position that associations can create today to prepare for the future. I think associations would benefit enormously from the role of “chief foresight officer.” Through this role, associations would be able to build a deeper capacity for foresight at all levels of the their organizations. The focus on foresight would help manage risk while accelerating the pace of value creation through innovation. The chief foresight officer would work with the board on the duty of foresight and with the CEO and C-Suite peers to ensure they can better understand plausible futures for the association and the field it serves.