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If free college tuition were to happen in the future, what do you think would happen to the 529 plans out there?

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Christian Duffus
Christian Duffus  replied:

Great question! I think free college tuition is an ideal, just like free healthcare in our country. That said, I do see a future of significant cost reform taking place in the higher education market where certain elements being free (or rather substantially subsidized by the Government). That said, in the same way you might have health insurance that covers substantially all your direct healthcare expenses you still have many out of pocket, hence the Health Savings Accounts 25 million accounts; financial product that enables consumers to optimally spend that same money tax-free on out of pocket health expenditures e.g., contact lenses, co-pays, etc. We see HSAs as an analogous product to LEAF College Savings and 529 College Savings plans. I think the bet or vision we have is that as we have become an information-based society learning, higher education and continuing education will become crucial for citizens to participate in society and having resources (savings) will always enable advantage in a competitive marketplace. Thanks for asking.