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I want to consider moving over an entire linkedin group to the ECN, what is the process?

The members of several of the linkedin groups I manage are concerned about the direction linkedin features have gone and the acquisition by Microsoft.  They have request that we move the group somewhere else that have features for discussions, Q&A, and a place to post articles like the knowledge board.  An ECN supports all of these features but I don't know how to get all the linkedin members registered and only the ECN fast.
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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:
Thanks Ray for the interest. The uncertainty you describe about LinkedIn Groups is a concern of many people and many of the Groups have become barren wastelands. Furthermore, others have failed because LinkedIn exerted very little quality control during the initial formation of their Group feature.  

To move your LinkedIn Group to an ECN Group - there are a couple of approaches:   
A: Create an ECN Group.  (Public / Semi-Private / Private).

Note that if the Group is Private, it will not be listed anywhere. Semi-Private Groups are listed in the ECN's Group directory but the content is only accessible to members. 

B: Export your LinkedIn Group member email addresses to a CSV file.

Note: LinkedIn allows you to export the email addresses of all your contacts but it's not an automatic process. You have to request it and then they email it to you later. To date, they don't allow you to filter via Groups so unfortunately, you'll have to manually go through to identify which members of your LinkedIn Group that you'd like to authorize as members of your ECN Group.

C: Upload your contacts to your ECN Group invitation panel (or copy and paste email addresses into the invitation box of the ECN Group), add a personal message, hit submit/send. Your contact will receive email authorizations notifying them of the invitiation to join your Group. 
D: To increase interest, you may want to send them an email from your personal email account (or via LinkedIn Group messaging) to tell them that you're moving the discussion to an ECN Group. After you've already sent them invitations via ECN system, you can just point them to the link to the registration page of the ECN and after they create an account and login -- they'll see the invitation by you to join the Group

E: Your invited Group members will need to confirm their email addresses when they create an ECN account. They can import many elements of their LinkedIn account to their ECN Profile which makes it a little easier for them to build their profile(s). 

That's it. Now you and your colleagues can be off and running and can take advantage of the many features available via ECN Groups.

Best of luck!