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How would an ECN benefit our association?

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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:

In the abstract, ECNs are knowledge sharing platforms and associations are the original social networks. ECNs help facilitate member <=> member or member => non-member knowledge sharing. Furthermore, one key component of the ECN platform is transactional calling which gets your members paid for sharing their knowledge over the phone. And when that happens, everybody wins in a very concrete way  - your members (revenue), your association (non-dues revenue) and the consumer seeking information. Other important, but less measurable,  benefits for your association include member value, relevance, thought leadership, and member engagement. Reach out to us -- as someone at Brainsy would be happy to discuss the challenges your association may face -- and how we think an ECN might help.

Anonymous  replied:

The Briansy ECN is an amazing tool and is updated often, and almost relgiously, by its creators to refect new social media opportunities for branding, outreach and value creation. That said, it is up to the experts to get the word out fpr themselves. Providing a superior platofrm is one thing but what Brainsy can't do is make experts pro-active about their presence. 

It is incorrect to think that once you sign on as an expert, the platform does all the work. It is a living element in your business toolkit and needs to be worked on at least weekly (if not daily) in order to turn the opportunity into real dollars.

Basically, the reawrds reflect the work out into it - I encourage everyoen to maximize their presence here. My group is actually codifying certain actions in order to be on the platform. They must put in a reasonable amount of work in order to make it useful. That way, it drives traffic to everyone; so if we all do it, it increases exposure and benefits across the board.