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How does one begin building such a large professional network, such as the one you have.

I'm currently a college student, so I don't have many connections in the professional world yet. Where do I start?

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Steven Burda
Steven Burda  replied:

The secret?  ONE PERSON AT A TIME.   Sounds simple, but you will never build your wealth, friends, or knowledge by staying idle.  You have to keep moving.  You have to be engaged.  You have to participate.  And remember: Give more than you take.  With time, you will grow your network.  Don't go for quantity - but go for quality.   Anyone with a good network, no matter how many connections he/she has, will have an edge in building a professional network, with time.  Start with friends, neighboors, and professors.  If you want, join LION (Linkedin Open Networking) groups too.