How can health associations lead in the COVID-19 era?

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Barry Barresi
Barry Barresi  replied:

COVID-19 is exposing the travesty of racial health disparities. Healthcare associations have a unique opportunity to lead reform with energized advocacy, impactful initiatives, and multilateral partnerships. But the scale of health inequity calls for more. Healthcare associations, in particular, have a unique opportunity to apply new solutions to reduce health disparities in the pandemic era.

Start your health equity social entrepreneurship journey with these five steps:

1. Elevate health equity as a core strategy for social good. 

2. Focus on a specific social determinant of health that most closely relates to your membership and stakeholders. 

3. Recruit a lead community partner and a lead corporate partner as the first step in developing a multi-sector collaborative innovation team. 

4. Select two or three solutions that align with some of your existing core strengthens and capacities. 

5. Co-design an operational prototype that your collaboration team ranks as most likely to be both impactful to the problem and sustainable with recurrent revenue. 

Go to the Association Ventures Playbook for more details on digital health innovation and your association’s path to serve the public good and generate new nondues revenue.