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Does TomorrowVentures typically lead or co-invest?

80 investments is quite an active portfolio. Does TomorrowVentures typically lead or co-invest? How early is "early stage" in your eyes?

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Brad Holden
Brad Holden  replied:

We are comfortable doing both. Our average check size is around $500,000, so depending on the size of the round and the stage of the company, we will either lead or co-invest. We probably have board seats for about 10% of our investments and those tend be ones where we lead and take a more active role. At the earlier stages, I am firm believer that it is worthwhile to have more than one investor involved (with a strong lead) for a variety of reasons. It is very helpful in the event the company needs to raise a bridge or second seed to continue to iterate or put itself in a better position to raise a Series A. It is also worthwhile to have various views/experiences around the table.