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Do you think the recent slide in LinkedIn's stock price will impact their service?

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Jennifer Dalton
Jennifer Dalton  replied:

I am not a stock market expert, but I will share my thoughts on this. LinkedIn is doubling down on delivering more value to its members through a few key areas - recruiting, connecting people - creating economic opportunities (according to their mission). The thing that is frustrating as a user is that there are lots of quirky things that happen when editing your profile. There are also several companies they acquired, but that was not included in the latest set of features - also frustrating. I think LinkedIn realizes they need to be relevant and will work hard to make their current services better. One of their most profitable tools is the Talent Management, so given they just retooled it after 7 years, that speaks to their investment. I think LinkedIn needs more user experience feedback from the users, but I do not see services being cut at this point (unless they are tools that they cannot scale - which could happen). What do you think?