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Can an ECN be used as an Online Speakers Bureau?

Can an ECN be used as an Online Speakers Bureau? If yes, what sort of staff resources from my asssociation would be required to support it? 
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Brian P. Christie
Brian P. Christie  replied:
Yes. A Brainsy Expert Calling Network or “ECN” is a full-featured, next generation social media platform and at the core are features and benefits critical to having an off-the-shelf Online Speakers Bureau under your association’s brand.

1) DIRECTORY: Each ECN has a Directory of speakers or subject matter experts who create their own ECN profiles (much like someone creates their own LinkedIn or Facebook profile).     

2) RATE TRANSPARENCY: Speakers set their own rate for participating in a paid phone call of up to 1 hour in duration and there’s complete transparency of those rates.

3) AUTOMATED TRANSACTIONS: All call transactions are  conducted through the ECN platform and there’s zero association staff time required to help manage any transactions.  

4)  BILLING AND PAYOUTS: All billing, settlement, and payout to the Speaker are handled through the ECN platform. Again, no association staff time required to support this process.   

5) TECHNOLOGY KNOW-HOW NOT REQUIRED: The ECN is full featured yet easy to administrate and requires no technology expertise or input on behalf of the association.

6) MARKETING AND PROMOTION: Within each ECN is a range marketing and promotional features that Speakers can use to manage and cultivate followers or fans.

7) INTEGRATION WITH LEGACY SOCIAL MEDIA: Many speakers have their own social media presence using one of the monolithic and legacy social media services (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). We can integrate those services with the speaker’s ECN account; thus making the Speaker's ECN account a hub for other social media activity.    

There are a range of other features contained within each ECN to help Speakers share their stories, knowledge and expertise. They have the additional benefit of bringing recognition (and non-dues revenue) to the Association

Feel free to contact Brainsy (sales@brainsy.com) to learn more.